Get a head start on your Vet Nurse career



Our Certificate III in Animal Studies (ACM30110) is designed to give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to work as a junior veterinary nurse. It covers the majority of the first year of your Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing, and includes a bonus units from this qualification.


This course is your stepping-stone to the Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. We’ve designed it for students who have either already completed a Cert II in Animal Studies (either with us or another training organisation) but are not yet working in a veterinary clinic, or those students who are highly motivated towards reaching their dream of becoming a veterinary nurse.



The course is delivered entirely by distance education using our online 'Learning Centre'. It gives you the flexibility to study as it suits you without having to attend campus.




What will the course cover?

You’ll learn:

  • Safe and effective animal care and nursing procedures
  • Animal care hygiene and infection control
  • Animal husbandry
  • Animal handling techniques
  • Behaviour and environmental enrichment
  • Occupational health & safety and workplace communication
  • Preparing for surgery
  • Sterilising instruments
  • Veterinary reception duties
  • General daily clinic routines
  • Advising clients about nutrition, animal care, grooming and parasite control products.



As part of the course you’ll be required to complete a minimum 30 days of practical work experience within a veterinary clinic. In some cases, this may be reduced if you have regular work experience at the Animal Welfare League or RSPCA.


For a full description of the subjects covered, please visit our Subject Descriptions page.


8 of the 9 subjects are identical to the Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and you get a bonus unit from the Cert IV. This means completing our Cert III in Animal Studies gets you ahead in your Cert IV in Vet Nursing!


Enrolment criteria

You must:

  • Have successfully completed Year 10, or equivalent (and not be currently at school)
  • Be able to undertake work experience blocks within veterinary clinics
  • Have access to computers and internet as this is an online course


The enrolment process.

Click on 'Enrol Now' to start the process off and complete the initial enrolment form. Our system will immediately email you the required enrolment package to complete and post back to us. You must return these with your payment to secure your place on our course.


Download a PDF course brochure


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